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About the Sony PSP

The Sony PlayStation Portable (commonly referred to as the PSP) is the first handheld console released by Sony, and has sold an amazing 20 million units since its release.

The PSP was released in 2004, with a slight revision of the system, Slim and Lite being unveiled in late 2007 that reduces the weight and dimensions of the system, together with an improved battery performance and improved loading times.

The PSP uses an optical disk format known as UMD (Universal Media Disc), which has a capacity large enough to watch near DVD quality movies on the handheld device.

The buttons layout of the PSP will feel like home instantly to any person who has used a PlayStation controller, with the familiar colour shape buttons present and correct in the handheld.

Key features of the PSP includes its built-in WiFi and Internet browser, allowing the user to browse anywhere with WiFi access without the need for any additional equipment or cables.

What's in the Sony PSP box?

The standard PSP retail package includes the following items:

PSP Package Contents

  • PSP Console
  • Battery
  • AC Adaptor

Sony PSP Technical Details

  • CPU - the main CPU is a 32-but RISC based processor codenamed "Allegrex" than can run upto speeds of 300Mhz.
  • Memory - the PSP has 32MiB of main system RAM and 4MiB of DRAM, half of which is used by the GPU for display purposes.
  • Graphics - the PSP has a dedicated GPU which runs at 166Mhz, capable of rendering over 30 million polygons per second.

Q. What’s the difference between the original PSP and the Slim’n'Lite version?

In a nutshell the Slim and Lite PSP is, well, slimmer (~20%) and lighter (~33%), than the original PSP, which itself was smaller than most people imagined given the powerful specifications of the system

As the PSP was Sony’s first real foray into the world of handheld gaming a lot of people were imagining some awful hybrid of the old Sega Game Gear or Atari Lynx systems, which most definitely would not fit in your pocket.

Q. What different colours is the PSP available in?

In Europe, the following colours and themed PSPs are available :

Piano Black

- Ice Silver

- Spider-Man “Glossy Red and Matte Black surface with black buttons”

- The Simpsons “Yellow and White PSP with blue font”

- Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core (Ice Silver)

Q. Is the PSP region free?

The PSP is indeed region free for UMD games but not for UMD movies.

Q. How powerful is the PSP?

The PSP is widely acknowledged as being on a par with a PS2 in terms of raw power.

Q. Can I watch TV on my PSP?

Yes, with the upcoming Play TV device of the PS3, PSP owners can use the Remote Play facility of the PSP to access TV content stored on the PS3 directly from their PSP wherever they are in the world!

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