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About the Sony PSP

The Sony PlayStation Portable (commonly referred to as the PSP) is the first handheld console released by Sony, and has sold an amazing 20 million units since its release.

The PSP was released in 2004, with a slight revision of the system, Slim and Lite being unveiled in late 2007 that reduces the weight and dimensions of the system, together with an improved battery performance and improved loading times.

The PSP uses an optical disk format known as UMD (Universal Media Disc), which has a capacity large enough to watch near DVD quality movies on the handheld device.

The buttons layout of the PSP will feel like home instantly to any person who has used a PlayStation controller, with the familiar colour shape buttons present and correct in the handheld.

Key features of the PSP includes its built-in WiFi and Internet browser, allowing the user to browse anywhere with WiFi access without the need for any additional equipment or cables.

What's in the Sony PSP box?

The standard PSP retail package includes the following items:

PSP Package Contents

  • PSP Console
  • Battery
  • AC Adaptor

Sony PSP Technical Details

  • CPU - the main CPU is a 32-but RISC based processor codenamed "Allegrex" than can run upto speeds of 300Mhz.
  • Memory - the PSP has 32MiB of main system RAM and 4MiB of DRAM, half of which is used by the GPU for display purposes.
  • Graphics - the PSP has a dedicated GPU which runs at 166Mhz, capable of rendering over 30 million polygons per second.

Since its release the PSP has been home to many a great game.

These are some the must-haves!

Wipeout Pulse – the fantastic WipeOut series may only be bettered by the F-Zero series by Nintendo, but its transition to the (relatively!) small screen of the PSP has been a technical triumph. More tracks and some great online gameplay means that Pulse betters the already impressive debut of WipeOut pure on the PSP.

Loco Roco – a crazy, crazy game in which you try to guide er…blobs with eyes, safely around what surely can be best described as LSD inspired levels, accompanied by a soundtrack of helium fuelled Japanese kids. You just have to try it.

Burnout Legends – ah, Burnout. The racing series that really confirms your reaction times suffer as you get older, but remains great fun nonethess. Legends combines the best elements of the console versions into one great package.

GTA Liberty City Stories / Vice City Stories – and there were that thought that the PSP version would be original 2D version from the 90s (not that would be such a bad idea, Rockstar!). Not so – the PSP versions of GTA are what you would expect, almost perfect recreations of the GTA universe – but in the palm of your hand. Impressive stuff.

Lumines – every handheld platform needs a definitive puzzle game and the PSP definitely got one early in its life cycle. Lumines is a deceptively simple puzzle game, think of it as the equivalent of playing Tetris in a nightclub. If I could pick only game from this list, Lumines would be it.

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